ITV denied court protection

The Central Administrative Court yesterday rejected a petition from iTV Plc, operator of iTV television station, for a temporary order blocking the Prime Minister's Office from revoking its broadcasting concession if it fails to pay 100 billion baht in fees and fines by March 6.

The court said there was no good reason to issue an order to protect iTV's interests. The PM's Office had the lawful right to revoke iTV's concession under the terms of their contract. However, if the licence was revoked and iTV considered this unfair, it could seek compensation.

ITV chairman Niwatthamrong Boonsongpaisal on Tuesday petitioned the court for an urgent hearing of his firm's petition for the court to give it provisional protection, barring the PM's Office from revoking its concession while the judicial process over the dispute was still unsettled.

The firm also asked that once the judicial process is over, iTV is allowed 30 days to pay its 2.21-billion-baht concession fee.

On receiving the petition from Mr Niwatthamron on Tuesday, the court refused to hold an urgent hearing, saying it would go through the normal process.

The broadcaster on Jan 4 asked an arbitration panel to decide on iTV's financial liability to the PM's Office, but the office of the PM's Office permanent secretary opposed its request to go through another arbitration process over its 2.21-billion-baht fee and 97.76-billion-baht fine

From : bangkok news
By : PLA
Date : Feb 22, 2007

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