Demco wins Bt76m tax privileges

The Board of Investment (BoI) yesterday approved tax privileges for Demco's Bt210-million expansion project, which will double its production capacity to 12,000 tonnes a year.

Demco designs, constructs and installs a wide range of high-voltage transmission lines, high- and low-voltage sub-stations, electrical distribution systems, electrical and mechanical systems, energy conservation systems, and telecommunications towers, including fabrication and supply of steel structures and billboards under the Demco trademark.

The company plans to raise Bt210 million from the capital market in order to finance the expansion, managing director Predej Kitti-Itsaranon said yesterday.

It will receive tax privileges from the BoI that will save the company Bt76.3 million within eight years of its new plant's completion. Demco has started construction and the plant will be ready to operate in the second half of the year.

Predej said that when the plant is running, the company expects its sales to increase by up to 50 per cent this year and to double next year.

Demco announced revenue of Bt1.3 billion and net profit of Bt100.25 million for last year.

From : the nation news
By : PLA
Date : May 4, 2007

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