Foreign Business Laws in Thailand

Foreign Investors are restricted to do businesses in Thailand by Foreign Business Act 1999 (FBA).   The FBA divides types of business into three categories.  


The businesses listed under category 1 are strictly prohibited to foreigners unless permitted by special laws or treaty.


The category 2 containing restricted businesses prohibits foreigners to carryout business activities unless permission from the Minister and approval of the Cabinet have been obtained.



The businesses listed in category 3 are also limited to foreigners unless permission from the Director General and approval of the Committee have been granted.



Restrictive Business Categories



Category 1.


1.                   Newspapers, radio broadcasting, television station.

2.                   Rice Farming.

3.                   Animal Farming.

4.                   Forestry and wood fabrication from natural forest.

5.                   Fishery for marine animal in Thai water and within Thailand, special economics zones.

6.                   Extraction of Thai herbs.

7.                   Trading and auctioning Thai antiques or nation historic objects.

8.                   Making or casting Buddha images and monk alms bowls.

9.                   Land Trading.



Category 2.


Group 1:  The business relating to the national safety or security.



1.                     Production, sale, and maintenance:


a.       Firearms, ammunition, gun power, explosives.

b.       Accessories of firearms, ammunitions and explosives.

c.        Armaments, ship, air crafts or military vehicles.

d.       Equipment or components, all categories of war materials.


2.                     Domestic Land, waterway, or air transportation and domestic airline



Group 2:     The business affecting arts and culture, traditional folk handicraft:


a.    Trading antiques or art objects being Thai arts or handicraft.

b.    Production of carved wood.

c.    Silkworm farming, production of Thai silk yarn, weaving Thai silk or Thai silk printing.

d.    Production of Thai musical instruments.

e.    Production of golden ware, silver ware, nielloware, bronze-ware or lacqureware.

f.     Production of crockery of Thai arts and culture.



Group 3:      The businesses affecting natural resource or environment:


a.   Manufacturing sugar from sugarcane.

b.   Salt farming, including underground salt.

c.   Rock salt mining.

d.   Mining, including rock blasting or crushing.

e.   Wood fabrication for furniture and utensil product.



Category 3.


1.                   Rice Milling and flour production from rice and farm produce.

2.                   Fishery, marine animal culture.

3.                   Forestry from forestation.

4.                   Production of plywood, veneer board, clip board or hard board.

5.                   Production of lime.

6.                   Accounting service.

7.                   Legal service.

8.                   Architecture service.

9.                   Engineering service.

10.                Construction except for:


a.       Construction rendering basic services to the public in public utilities or transport requiring special tools, machinery, technology or construction expertise having the foreigners

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